Cyan Co., Inc.

505 Walnut Street

 Weatherford,  OK  73096

 Phone:  (580) 701 - 4993




 Cyan Co., Inc.




      Formed in 1985, Cyan Co., Inc., is located in the industrial park of Weatherford, OK.   Our facility has a total space of approximately 4,000 square feet which is arranged as follows:  about 1,000 square feet of office space; about 1,500 square feet of electronic repair, test, assembly, and production area; and about 1,500 square feet of product prototyping area.  Our facilities meet current state and city codes.

   The office area includes a good complement of the usual office equipment, with probably more and better computer equipment and software than one would normally expect in a company our size.

      The electronic repair test, assembly, and production area is exceptionally well lighted, with plenty of bench space, storage space, electrical outlets, lots of soldering equipment, several vises (including specialized electronic vises), many power supplies, an oscilloscope, and many other items of standard electronic test equipment.   We are well stocked with electronics‑related hand tools.

     In addition, there is equipment for prototyping circuit boards, potting compounds, connector assembly equipment, automated electronic testing, programming EPROM chips and programming one‑time programmable microcomputer chips.

      We keep many thousands of electronic parts in stock for repair purposes, including:  resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, integrated circuits, relays, connectors, fuses, inductors, transformers, standoffs, insulators, wire, ribbon cable, screws, and other electronic hardware.

       The shop includes:  a 4‑foot shear, a 4‑foot bender, a 3‑foot finger bender, a 6" corner cutter, a Diacro punch (with about 50 dies), a bandsaw, two grinders, a drill press, a connector outline punch, a spot welder, and many hand tools used for constructing enclosures and any other items of metal, plastic, wood, or glass.

       Our capabilities cover a wide range of services including: electronic / electromechanical repair, electronic engineering and design, computer software development,  computer hardware development, electronic product design, prototype, and manufacture; cable assemblies; metallic enclosures and subassemblies;  technical documentation; and technical instruction.

       Our design experience includes both hardware and software, with  many creative and innovative designs, including: analog electronics; power control, including switch-mode power supplies and converters; microcomputer-based math-intensive algorithms; industrial controls;  solar controllers; heating controls; lighting; test equipment; and aeronautic controls.





  General  Purpose  Computer  Software

  Application - Specific  Software

  Computer  Test  Equipment

   Industrial  Controls

   Industrial  Test   Equipment

  Technical  Manuals

   Signs  and  Displays

   Standard  Cable  Assemblies

   Metallic  Enclosures

   Metallic  Brackets

   Specialty  Electronics

  Computer  Cleaner   (CompuClean)

  Computer  External  Floppy  Disk  Drives

  Computer  Floppy  Drive  Interface  Cards



Contract  Manufacturing

Electronic  Circuit  Design

Electronics  Consulting

Circuit  Board  Design  and  Prototype

Technical  Documentation

Enclosure  Design  and  Prototype

Custom  Connector & Cable  Assemblies

Custom  Metallic  Panels  and  Brackets

Technical  Training

Computer,  Monitor, and  Printer Repairs

  Software  Development

  Machinery  Improvements

  Industrial  Repairs






We are proud to list the following companies


among the customers for our products:





Boeing Aircraft

New York Stock


McDonnel Douglas



3M Company

Los Alimos

            National Labs

Lockheed Aerospace 

Hyster Inc

Little Giant Pump Co.



Martin Marrieta


US Air Force

Cincinnati Milacron


3M company

US Navy

McDonnell Douglas


         National Labs

Little Giant

         Pump Co.



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