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Electronic Design Services

Cyan Co., Inc. is seeking contracts for electronic design, upgrading, or manufacture of equipment for companies who have a need to produce products containing electronic circuitry based on the latest low-cost digital technology.

Our capabilities cover a wide range of services including: electronic engineering and design; computer-related software/hardware development; electronic product design, prototype, and manufacture; cable assemblies; metallic enclosures and subassemblies;  and technical documentation.

Our design experience includes both hardware and software, with  many creative and innovative designs, including: analog electronics; power control, including switch-mode power supplies and converters; microcomputer-based math-intensive algorithms; industrial controls;  solar controllers; heating controls; lighting; test equipment; and aeronautic controls.

The current generation of single-chip microcomputers represent solutions to problems that previously were tackled with more difficult (therefore, more expensive) circuits.  In production quantities, these parts are priced in the three-dollar range. Add a few other nickel and dime components on a one-dollar circuit board, and the product is complete.

Couple this with our low overhead and you may be surprised at how inexpensive it is to design, manufacture, or upgrade your products. In most cases, we can perform the entire manufacturing/upgrading of your products in house - quickly and inexpensively.

Please call and let's talk it over;  just ask for Wendell.

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