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Joint  Ventures

Cyan Co., Inc. is seeking contracts, subcontracts, and joint ventures with other companies both inside and outside our area.

Our capabilities cover a wide range of services including:  electronic/electromechanical engineering and design, computer software development, computer hardware development, product prototyping, scientific problem solving, and technical documentation.

Additionally, we manufacture: electrical/electronic products, computer-related products, metallic enclosures and subassemblies, and cable assemblies.

The page "About Cyan" describes in more detail some of the products and services we are capable of providing.  It also describes our manufacturing capabilities.

Cyan company's strengths lie in the areas of electronic engineering, circuit design, and software.

While we are willing to consider any joint ventures, we think our best fit will occur where your company has an established sales and marketing position in the product area of the venture.


In particular, we are interested in joint ventures with companies who have a need to produce  products with (or, include within current products) electronic circuitry based on the latest low-cost digital technology.

While the term 'low-cost digital technology' may seem contradictory, it really isn't. The current generation of single-chip microcomputers such as the Intel 8051 and Signetics 87C751 represent digital solutions to problems that were previously tackled with more difficult and therefore, more expensive analog circuits.   In production quantities, these microcomputers are now priced in the three-dollar range.  Add a few other nickel and dime components on a one-dollar circuit board, and the product is complete.

Couple this with our low overhead and you may be surprised at how inexpensive it is to design, manufacture, or upgrade your products.  In most cases, we can do the entire manufacturing /upgrading of your products in-house; what's more, we can do it quickly and inexpensively.

We will consider any venture, large or small.   Please call and let's talk it over.   Just ask for Wendell.

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