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PT Series Prototyping Circuit Boards

     The PT series boards allow quick and easy electronic prototyping, yet they are designed for more utility than competitive products;  you can use these boards to make a prototype circuit that is both pleasant  in appearance and high in functionality.

     The line drawings below show the first three prototyping circuit boards of the PT series.  They are the PT- 35X25, a 3.5" x 2.5" board,  the PT- 5X37, a 5" x 3.7" board, and the PT- 6X49, a 6" x 4.9" board.   (Please note that for the purpose of conservation of web space,  the relatively low resolution of these line drawings do not do justice to the boards themselves;   also, the colors are used for purposes of illustration only.)    Future offerings will include  8" x 6.1",   10" x 7.3",  and others.

     The PT series boards are designed to accommodate any mixture of .3", .4" .5", and .6" wide ICs, with any number of pins, as well as any combination of resistors, capacitors, diodes  transistors,  etc.    All the boards  have  four  .140"     diameter    mounting               holes,  


interlaced  power and ground traces, and both large and small mounting positions (CN1 and CN2) for AC or DC power jacks. 

     They are two-sided, with almost identical  trace patterns and silk screens on top and bottom.  The inner IC and component mounting  holes as well as the majority of the power buss holes are .036" diameter.  The terminal/front panel area holes are .045" diameter.

     As you can see, these boards are very simple.   But don't let that fool you - they are very high quality prototyping boards.   We are confident that if your job includes any electronic prototyping at all, and you try one of our boards, you will quickly come to feel that you simply must have a supply of these boards on hand.

      Below each board's photo are the vital statistics for that particular board.

        At the bottom of this page is general information about connectors CN1 and CN2; available  power supplies; and pricing information.   Soon, we will add a section entitled  "Using the PT Series Boards".












 Connectors CN1 and CN2:   Connectors CN1 and CN2 are available on all the PT series circuit boards for bringing external power - either AC or DC -  to the board.    We realize that this will often not be necessary  ―  e.g., if your design includes an on-board power supply.   Or, if you wanted, you could use the connector holes for wires to your external supply.   Therefore, we wish to explicitly declare that  the PT series circuit boards are very useful even without the use of these connectors.   CN1 and CN2 exist entirely as a convenience for those cases where you do need them.  

The footprints for connectors CN1 and CN2 are the same on all our PT series boards.  The photograph on the right above shows the PT- 5X37 board with power supply connectors CN1 and CN2 in place.   Please note that this photograph is for purposes of illustration only;  you would normally use one or the other, but not both, of these connectors.  CN1 and CN2 are connected in parallel ―  i.e., the ground (0volt) trace and the V+ traces are common to both.  (The red line indicates that the V+ trace is completed on the bottom of the board.)   The idea then, is that if you choose, you can power your prototype circuit from one of these standard connectors. 


 Connector CN1:   The footprint for connector CN1 is three .045" diameter holes,  with spacing between holes as shown above.  This footprint accommodates two female DC power jacks from Mouser Electronics which mate with DC power plugs as shown in the chart below.  Please note that the 1.3 mm (center pin) x 3.4 mm (outer diameter) x 5.0 mm (length)  mates with the plug on Cyan's +5 volt regulated SWMPS power supply,  PT - 5V.

 Connector CN2:   The footprint for connector CN2 is two .110" diameter holes (0volt) and one .130" diameter hole (V+), with spacing between holes as shown above.  This footprint accommodates two female DC power jacks from Mouser Electronics which mate with DC power plugs as shown in the chart below.

Connector Mouser Stock No: Center Pin Diameter Length
CN1 161 - 100 1.0 mm 3.0 mm 5.0 mm
 ► CN1  ► ► 161 -  201 ► ► 1.3 mm ► ► 3.4 mm ► ► 5.0 mm ►
CN2   163 -  5004  2.1 mm 5.5 mm 8.0mm
CN2   163 -  5003  2.5 mm 5.5 mm  8.0 mm

                                   ► This connector is the one to use for Cyan's  PT- 5V Power Supply. ►

 Other Standard Connectors for CN1 or CN2:   Mouser Electronics and many other suppliers sell various other connectors that will fit the CN1 and CN2 hole patterns.   You should be able to find both connectors and power supplies for almost any AC or DC power requirement;  however, we are not responsible for the fit of either connectors or power supplies other than those supplied by us.   And, if your current requirements are larger than these connectors will accommodate, you can always use wires or post terminals ―  CN2 will accept wires 12 gauge and up.





Power Supplies:    For the purpose of powering the PT series prototyping circuit boards, you have many options.    Among these is to choose a standard wall-mount adapter of the type shown on the left below.   Just match its female connector up with one of the DC power jacks that will fit CN1 or CN2.   Keep in mind that these adapters typically normally consist of only a transformer, diodes, and a capacitor.   They are not regulated.   For example, if their label says +12V, their output may range from 12V to 18V, depending upon load.  And, they are often not even fused.   (Even if they have a fuse, changing it would require breaking them apart.)   Of course, you could always use an onboard DC regulator and/or an on-board  fuse in conjunction with one of these units.    If you'd like, we can supply these power supplies in the range of  5 VDC/AC to 48 VDC/AC, with or without connectors for CN1/CN2.     Please call for pricing and availability.

Power Supply  PT- 5V:   This power supply is shown on the right below.   It is a very good choice for powering your +5 VDC logic circuits.   Unlike the standard wall-mount adapters, it is a full-blown SWMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply).   Its input is 100 - 240 VAC.    Its output is a tightly regulated 5.0 VDC, with  a 1 amp (5 watt) current capability.   The output current is limited;  you can leave its output shorted all day long and it will neither arc, nor spark,  nor overheat  ― a good characteristic to have in a power supply used for circuit prototyping.  (This, of course, also makes it ideal for student labs.)

The PT- 5V Power Supply is only 2" long by 1.6" wide by 1" thick.   Its female connector is 1.3 mm inner diameter by 3.4 mm outer diameter  (center is positive).   This connector mates with the 161-201  CN1 connector.



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